Job Applications/CV 

Have you seen a job advertised for which you can’t wait to apply?
But then does your heart suddenly sink with the realisation that your application letter and your CV have to be submitted in English?!
Do you want to emigrate to another country? Does this mean that you have to apply for jobs in English?
Are you simply too short of the time required to translate and to prepare the necessary documents required for a job application?
Have you already translated your CV into English and it now just needs to be proofread by a native speaker before submission?
Do you want to apply to study at a university in another country? If so, you will probably find that your application will also have to be English.
Are you an artist applying to exhibit your artwork in an exhibition overseas? Do you need to fill out a lengthy application form?

Today it is commonplace for employees and institutions to require applications in English. It is no longer sufficient just to have a German CV with references. Make sure you apply for every job in German and English and have your documents ready in English for any eventuality! Your dream job might just suddenly crop up and then you will be ready to immediately apply for the job without hesitation.
The world is getting smaller by the day and life is becoming increasingly more international and multi-cultured.

– Offer 1: Complete translation of cover letter and CV
Price on request.
– Offer 2 : Proofreading and correction of cover letter and CV
5 Euro per A4 page of text.


Simply send an email to You will then receive an offer based on your requirements.